Scientific Committee

Prof. dr hab. Paweł Łuków

Professor of philosophy and ethics.
He is the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, University
of Warsaw, Poland, where he chairs the Department of Ethics, and the Center for Bioethics and Biolaw. He works as an ethics expert for domestic and international institutions. Most recently, he has been appointed to serve as Member of the European Group on Ethics in Science
and New Technologies. He has published on I. Kant’s ethics, bioethics, and philosophy of medicine. His current research focuses on human dignity and human rights
in bioethical regulation


We are proud to announce that we are the Content Patron of the Polish Climate Congress 2024!

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, the fourth edition of the Polish Climate Congress will begin. The two-day event will take place in Warsaw’s Powiśle, in three locations: the Copernican Revolution Workshop, the Copernicus Science Center and the Barcelo Hotel. The Polish Climate Congress is a meeting of experts and professionals related to climate and environmental protection.


During the Congress, for the first time we will present to a wide audience our “Strategy for the security of hydrogen technologies in Poland for 2023-2030”, developed as part of a project co-financed from the


Security strategy for hydrogen technologies in Poland for 2023-2030

At a time when care for the natural environment and sustainable development are the foundation of the future of our planet, hydrogen technologies are becoming a key pillar of the energy transition. Hydrogen is indicated as a key element of the energy and climate transformation [Resolution of the European Parliament of 19 May 2021 on the European Hydrogen Strategy], which is the main mechanism for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, such as: reducing the overall emissions (so-called zero emission) and reduction of greenhouse


International Cooperation and Partnerships

Collaborative Research on International Projects

1) Enhancing the capability of scientists by further cooperation with other entities like RTOs or Trade Partnerships2) Searching for memberships in key EU initiatives and partnerships, optimization of active participation and contribution3) Identifying key partners (European and non-European) for cooperation with particular Łukasiewicz institutes; 4) Identifying fields of further cooperation with international partnerships


Networking and events:1) Developing trainings and exchange of knowledge on European 2) Research programmes and partnerships.3) Enhancing  networking capacities by providing relevant training programs for researchers


Professional development

Initiating national and international cooperation in the area


Responsible Research and Innovation Futures

·        Enriching the Knowledge Co-creation efforts (collaborative and contract research) with RRI approaches and practices

·        Mainstreaming Responsible Research and Innovation as a cross-cutting framework in Łukasiewicz Research Network

·        Developing tools and approaches to foster reflexivity, responsiveness, openness and anticipation in the research and innovation activity of Łukasiewicz Research Network and its partners

·        Supporting Łukasiewicz Research Network and its partners in addressing the challenges related to Public


Knowledge Co-creation

Coordinating the process of acquisition of research and development projects (obtaining funding) carried out jointly with foreign and domestic scientific centres and universities by intensifying the preparation of applications for research grants and intensifying the activities of the Lukasiewicz Research Network in the field of cooperative, consulting, participatory and scientific publication-oriented research.

Coordinating the process of submitting project proposals in international EU Horizon calls and tenders (as a leader or member of a consortium).

Working out (together with Lukasiewicz Research Groups) an effective model of developing technological solutions within Łukasiewicz Programs.Coordinating


Knowledge Valorisation

Help in designing the content of IPR training modules, especially from the internationalization perspective and foreign funding opportunities.

Support with the commercialization of IP, technology assessment and licensing. collaborate and participate in the work of domestic and foreign IPR organizations.

Help in presenting and attracting businesses to international funding through colaborative and contarct research.Training researchers entering spin-off projects, helping to provide international funding opportunites and investments.

Strengthen and expand the Accelerator program providing support in targeting international funding. Enhance ties with Industry Contact Points.

Paweł Siedlecki, PhD
Area Leader of Knowledge Valorization and the Deputy



Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation is a new, R&D centre of Łukasiewicz – ORGMASZ. The team aims to increase Polish involvement within European Science and bolden the European research ecosystem participation. Using cross-cutting expertise and the experience of national and international experts, CFI offers crucial assistance and knowledge. Via four main areas of interest (Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer / International Cooperation and Partnerships / Knowledge Co-creation / Responsible Research and Innovation) the team builds the key competencies and aims to further improve competitiveness of Polish research. Creating sustainable responses