Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation is a new, R&D centre of Łukasiewicz – ORGMASZ. The team aims to increase Polish involvement within European Science and bolden the European research ecosystem participation. Using cross-cutting expertise and the experience of national and international experts, CFI offers crucial assistance and knowledge. Via four main areas of interest (Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer / International Cooperation and Partnerships / Knowledge Co-creation / Responsible Research and Innovation) the team builds the key competencies and aims to further improve competitiveness of Polish research. Creating sustainable responses to grand challenges, by usage of foresight techniques is a vision that is extremely close to CFIs core values. CFI had received the Economic Award of the Polish Radio in 2022.


Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation offers solution-driven approaches. Basing on experience of the team in interacting within european and international research & developement ecosystem, CFI applies multitude of varied actions, personally tailored to every opportunity.

We offer holistic approach towards the client, maximizing their strenghts and correctly applying them to needs either within polish R&D ecosystem or european one. Using horizon scanning of procurement and tender offers and extensive network of contacts regarding for example HORIZON EUROPE grant proposal consortiums, we offer immense support towards any kind of action and further engrossing interaction with international partnerships.


Areas of Operation for CFI are inherently tied with core values that we represent in our actions and approaches. Therefore we’ve mapped out 4 main areas, that are key not only for our offer extended towards internal and external partners but also whole model of operation.