Our services are targeted at public institutions as well as the private sector and non-governmental organizations. Our offer includes a set of solutions that we select on the basis of the specific needs of the client. We approach every project individually and assign to it the most competent experts and external collaborators. We are also open to form consortia with public and private institutions to work on research and development projects.

Assessment, selection, and ranking of technology

We analyze the implications of present and future technologies, including the ones that are in the process of being implemented. We offer recommendations concerning the choice or development of technologies best suited for the achievement of a particular goal.

Public consultation

We carry out public consultations with the general public, local communities, or a chosen sector of the economy. The consultations may concern technology as well as infrastructure investments.

Technology foresight

We estimate technological development within a given area. We use tools that allow us to construct scenarios of the development of chosen technologies and we assess the possible consequences of the implementations of those technologies.

Technological audit

We carry out audits of companies as well as sectors of the economy. The aim of a technological audit is to assess the efficiency of the technologies used by an institution, identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommend potential changes and directions for development.

Social impact assessment

We study the influence that particular technologies or infrastructure projects have on the society, economy, or local communities. We offer recommendations for mitigating any potential negative effects of technologies or infrastructure projects.

Market analysis

We conduct market analyses from the perspective of technologies currently employed, available for implementation, or in development. We identify implications of the current state of the market for a given area, society, or country.

Social campaigns

We organize social campaigns aimed at informing the general public about the advantages and disadvantages of technologies and projects being implemented. This improves the likelihood of a rational reaction of the public to the given technology.

Legal analysis

We offer expert opinions about the compatibility of the use of a given technology, project or product with the Polish and EU law. We also consult on the legal regulations concerning the use of a given technology.