Security strategy for hydrogen technologies in Poland for 2023-2030

At a time when care for the natural environment and sustainable development are the foundation of the future of our planet, hydrogen technologies are becoming a key pillar of the energy transition. Hydrogen is indicated as a key element of the energy and climate transformation [Resolution of the European Parliament of 19 May 2021 on the European Hydrogen Strategy], which is the main mechanism for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, such as: reducing the overall emissions (so-called zero emission) and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
The project “Strategy for the Security of Hydrogen Technologies in Poland for 2022-2030” is a response resulting from the involvement in the development and implementation of low- and zero-emission hydrogen technologies in the Polish energy system.
Implementing hydrogen technologies is an ambitious initiative that does not
only results from climate challenges, but also is an opportunity to strengthen Poland as a leader in technological innovation. The main result of the project implementation is this document consisting of two complementary action programs: the safety of hydrogen technologies in the area of R&D (technical aspects) and communication and social activities regarding the development of hydrogen technologies in Poland.
The created strategy is the starting point for targeted work
research and development, analyzes of the safety of hydrogen technologies and social and communication activities undertaken jointly by enterprises and public institutions to ensure an appropriate level of safety of hydrogen technologies.
Hydrogen Technology Security Strategy in Poland for 2023-2030