Medical technologies

We focus on the implementation of new medical technologies, combining a multidisciplinary approach including research:

  • social,
  • psychological,
  • ethical,
  • epidemiological,
  • economic

We specialize in analyzing the process of implementing innovations in the health care system. We place particular emphasis on the social determinants of prevention, including health education and health policy, among others, in the context of vaccinations. Our research is aimed at the continuous development of this industry, taking into account the needs of target groups. We examine the influence of patients and communities on the technology implementation process, analyzing their participation in decisions regarding new medical solutions.

We work methodically, so as part of the program, we examine the impact of new technologies on public health, evaluating health programs and their impact on populations. An important element is the analysis of the availability of new technologies in various social groups, as well as the effects of implementing medical technologies and telemedicine on the quality of health care.

We investigate the socio-cultural determinants of vaccine skepticism in order to more effectively manage social perception of the risks associated with vaccinations.

The main goals of our activities:

Analyzes of social attitudes – We examine how different social groups perceive the risks associated with vaccinations, which allows us to better understand the causes of vaccine fear and helps develop more effective communication strategies.

Assessing the effectiveness of management strategies – The results of our research provide valuable information that can be used by public health decision-makers and business representatives to create more targeted and effective risk management and health communication strategies.

Creating health crisis prevention strategies – By better understanding public attitudes toward vaccine risks, institutions and companies can better anticipate and manage potential health crises, minimizing negative impacts on public health and business stability.

Vaccination evaluation (PL)

Vaccination evaluation (PL)