In the 6th “Safe Hydrogen” webinar, we discuss legal aspects in the field of hydrogen economy

We invite you to the 6th webinar in the SAFE HYDROGEN series. In this episode, we focus on legal regulations regarding the hydrogen economy, also referring to safety directives in this area. We explain many concepts, including: AFIR, ETS, CEBAM, RED3, FitFor55, REPowerEU.

Webinar experts discuss, among others:✔ legal aspects related to the European Green Deal (#GreenDeal);✔ European Union hydrogen strategy;✔national strategies and regulations in the field of hydrogen economy.

In the conversation, guests include Paweł Trojanowski, MBA, co-host of the podcast Attention Wodór! are:✔ Agnieszka Górka, expert in hydrogen regulations;✔ Żaneta


Patent Integrator ŁUKASIEWICZ – ITECH is expanding its scope of activity

A complete set of technological and market information in the area of intellectual property (IP) allows you to increase the efficiency of R&D works and the effectiveness of commercialization of their final products.

Patent research should be performed at every stage of the process of creating technological innovations. Unfortunately, as practice shows, research is most often performed either too late, i.e. only after the invention/know-how has been developed, or under the pressure of the deadline for submitting a grant application, i.e. superficially and amateurishly. It should be noted that a professionally