Patent Integrator ŁUKASIEWICZ – ITECH is expanding its scope of activity

A complete set of technological and market information in the area of intellectual property (IP) allows you to increase the efficiency of R&D works and the effectiveness of commercialization of their final products.


Patent research should be performed at every stage of the process of creating technological innovations. Unfortunately, as practice shows, research is most often performed either too late, i.e. only after the invention/know-how has been developed, or under the pressure of the deadline for submitting a grant application, i.e. superficially and amateurishly. It should be noted that a professionally performed examination (e.g. of the state of the art) increases the chances of a high evaluation of the application and receipt of funding. Moreover, sharing knowledge from various types of patent analyzes allows to coordinate the activities of the main participants of the innovation process, i.e. inventors, IP managers and commercializers. As a result, the risk of incorrect directional decisions in development work or the protection of developed industrial property is reduced, which brings measurable short- and long-term benefits.


What is the scope of the offer of the Patent Integrator operating in Łukasiewicz – ITECH?

The solution offered by our institute carries out research on the state of technology, patentability and purity, which addresses the basic needs in the field of IP protection. In addition to the above, we perform quantitative analysis of inventive activity and technological trends, as well as analyzes of the patent landscape in selected areas of technology. Based on disclosed patent and non-patent literature, Integrator also provides comprehensive (quantitative and qualitative) assessments of the innovativeness of a given technology. We represent the client throughout the entire procedure before the patent office, from completing the documentation, through applying for an exclusive right to an invention or utility model, to monitoring and responding to the proceedings.


Currently, we have expanded the scope of the offer to include business components that help the client manage the patent portfolio and commercialize products, as well as enable monitoring and analysis of competition activity in the domain of IP ownership. The new possibilities include: searching for potential licensees, analysis and direct comparisons of entities in terms of the strength and value of the patent portfolio, as well as support in creating a strategy for reducing and managing the patent portfolio.


What distinguishes our Patent Integrator from external patent services of law firms?

We are attractively priced.
We have standardized access to all documentation collected in all 170 patent jurisdictions around the world.
Thanks to a professional IT platform using AI algorithms, we work on high-quality patent data sets.
We can constantly monitor and send alerts about changes in patent databases, configured according to customer needs.
We are part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, which means constant cooperation with technological experts and scientists, i.e. proficiency in many technologies and areas of technology.


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