Technological sovereignty

We work to strengthen the national security and technological sovereignty of Poland and Europe by shaping the future of Polish technology and defense, increasing national security, and promoting technological progress and innovation, which is key to Poland’s long-term stability and prosperity.


We implement the policy objectives of the European Commission in terms of strengthening European innovative and technological potential. We strive to implement and develop a methodology for examining the level of European technological sovereignty in the area of energy security (hydrogen and SMR technologies). Our goals are to strengthen national and European development policies in the field of innovation development in order to pursue strategic autonomy and to shape the national innovation system (NSI) in this direction.


As part of the project, we investigate, among others:

  • the potential of national technological solutions,
  • risks related to dependence on non-European technologies,
  • strategic technologies for state security.

We provide reliable reports, unique methodology and competences based on technology assessment, thus creating a solid basis for promoting Polish business interests. All this in order to deepen knowledge regarding the study of Poland’s technological sovereignty in the area of hydrogen and nuclear technologies.

Hydrogen between superpowers?(PL)

Poland's reason of state (PL)

Poland's reason of state (PL)