NLP System for European Project Analysis

SNAPE (NLP System for Analyzing European Projects) is our set of tools that allows you to effectively find information about European Commission framework programs such as Horizon Europe.


The use of AI and NLP supports the process of analysis and planning of financing strategies. By using language models tailored to the requirements of the deep-tech sector, the solution helps in in-depth analysis of the competition, including: by analyzing potential consortium partners.


The user can use several SNAPE operating modes, including: search semantic databases of competitions using IDs, phrases and sentences (chat-like) or by entering your own text fragments. Searching using a larger portion of text prepared by the User allows you to find potential financing in less obvious competitions.



SNAPE allows you to more conveniently create R&D financing strategies by analyzing available data. It can also be adapted to specific needs, including: by using the organization’s internal information sources.