Łukasiewicz – ITECH and yarrl S.A. concluded an Agreement for the construction and commercialization of the AISEMA application

On Thursday, June 13, 2024, it was signed by: Dr. Grzegorz Malinowski – director of the Łukasiewicz – ITECH Institute of Innovation and Technology and Sławomir Połukord – president of the management board of yarrl S.A. cooperation agreement, the aim of which is to build and commercialize an application supporting the preparation of applications for funding from EU funds.

The application will be commercially available under the name AISEMA.

The parties to the Agreement were connected by the NLP System for the Analysis of European Projects (SNAPE), which was created in the form of a proof of concept at Łukasiewicz – ITECH. According to the assumptions of cooperation, the task of yarrl S.A., a company experienced in the implementation of complex IT systems, was to build an application operating in production on a supra-European scale. The product of this cooperation is AISEMA, a set of artificial intelligence tools that allow you to effectively find information on the European Commission’s framework programs, such as Horizon Europe. Thanks to the use of language models adapted to the requirements of the deep-tech sector, the solution supports the selection of competitions based on specific information entered by the user and their in-depth analysis, e.g. when searching for and selecting potential consortium partners.

Information about yarrl S.A.

During 30 years of continuous operation in Poland, the companies of the yarrl capital group have completed over 200 projects for the private and public sectors.
The Company debuted on the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2006. In October 2023, through the merger of Unima 2000 Systemy Teleinformatyczne S.A. and pTAG sp. z o. o. yarrl S.A. was established The yarrl capital group includes – in addition to yarrl S.A. – Lockus companies (contact center services) and Lockus K2 (organization services of specialized conferences and training).
The clients of the yarrl capital group include entities such as the Ministry of Finance, the Central Office of Construction Supervision, Allegro, Evidentiq, InPost, Canal+, BP, Uniqa, Jeronimo Martins, Jysk, Lorenz, LOT, Tauron, PGE. The projects implemented by the yarrl capital group make the lives of millions of people in Poland and around the world easier.

An example of a solution that changes Polish reality is the Your e-PIT service, of which yarrl is a co-creator.

Contact yarrl: Marta Gwardjak, Head of the Marketing Department of yarrl S.A., marketing@yarrl.pl

Foto Marta Gwardjak