Living Lab – ITECH

Our goal is to help you design socially responsible innovations. We use the Living Labs methodology developed at the American MIT. Żywe Laboratories is an open space for working on innovations that allows you to learn about the expectations of target audiences and co-create the final product.

Through Living Lab – ITECH, we support the creation of innovative solutions.

We organize workshops to which we invite companies, scientists and users to work together on new technologies. Using Design Thinking and User Experience techniques, we work with various stakeholders to create and implement innovations at various TRL levels.

Living Labs enable:

  • learning and adapting the product to the needs of users,
  • quick prototyping and testing of the functionality of new products,
  • rapid improvement of existing solutions,
  • implementing the idea of responsible innovation by incorporating different perspectives.

Our offer includes:

  • quantitative and qualitative social research (opinion surveys, focus research, evaluation analyses),
  • designing and conducting facilitation processes, including public consultations,
  • supporting R&D activities in the field of product optimization (workshops with users, usability tests),
  • creating substantive contributions to grant applications in the field of social responsibility of science and technology.

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